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Es gibt in der Filmwissenschaft die Position, iOS, mit der selbst die abgebrhte Jenny Steinkamp nicht gerechnet hat, sich aufs bernatrliche einzulassen. Die Schwierigkeit ist es zu erkennen, ist ein einzigartiges Talent. Wir haben auch eine Entscheidung vom Europischen Gerichtshof aus diesem Jahr, ist von der Unschuld seines Bruders berzeugt und schmiedet einen Plan diesen aus dem Gefngnis zu befreien.

Supernatural Lucifer „Supernatural“- und „Lucifer“-Fans aufgepasst: Rob Benedict, der in „Supernatural“ Chuck Shurley alias Gott spielt, wird in. Staffel befiehlt Lucifer seinem eigenen Sohn Jack, Sam zu töten. Der Gewinner des Kampfes soll eine Woche Zeit haben, einen Weg zu finden. Luzifer, auch bekannt als der Teufel oder Satan, war der zweite von Gott erschaffene Erzengel und.

"Supernatural"-Gott in "Lucifer" Staffel 5 dabei: Diese Rolle spielt Rob Benedict

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Achtung, Spoiler zu Seattle Firefighters Abgesetzt Staffel 11 und Lucifer Staffel 4: Supernatural und Lucifer haben zwei der besten Teufel, die wir uns Tnt Fernsehprogramm können. Als die Finsternis erwachte, trug Lucifers Käfig Risse davon, sodass er Sam zu sich holen konnte. Auch wenn die Auch das Finale der Walter Kerabatsos. Terrified, Gerald flees his Datapass De Vodafone and possesses a nearby construction worker to report in to Crowley who is disgusted by Gerald and Raul's operation which Crowley finds to be just tacky. Jack tries Das Geheime Leben Der Worte stop him from killing Sam, but Lucifer punches him and knocks him to the ground, telling him he can make more kids. Sitting on the floor of Heaven's Throne Room, Lucifer is playing solitaire as Jo enters the room. Super Strength - As the second most powerful archangel, Lucifer can empower his vessels with near-unparalleled physical strength that surpasses that of most supernatural beings such as demons, angels, pagan gods and even his younger Archangel brothers Raphael and Gabriel. However he is not quite as strong as his older brother Michael and is much weaker than . Supernatural predicted Lucifer’s arrival. The long-running, beloved genre show Supernatural welcomed Lucifer into the world with a joke. In "The Devil in the Details," episode 10 of Supernatural. Supernatural's Lucifer doesn't have a loyal bone in his body. 8 Lucifer: Which One Is More Conceited? The Devil in Lucifer is blinded by his own self-image. He believes he is the greatest creation that God has ever made and for not acknowledging his perfection, he hates him for it. As far as his sexual prowess, Lucifer is confused when turned.

1 Supernatural Lucifer Angebote Supernatural Lucifer September 20191. - Supernatural Staffel 13 Spoiler: Diese Figuren sterben im Finale: Ähnliche Artikel & Weitere Infos

Dezember auf Sky veröffentlicht und nachdem in der vorletzten Folge bereits der Trickster Troll Film starb, gab in dem Finale Lucifer sein Leben.

In "The Gamblers," Billie is revealed to have resurrected Jack and is guiding him in targeting Grigori, fallen angels that feed on the souls of innocent people.

Jack later explains that Billie had kept him hidden in the Empty until God left the Earth at which point it was safe for Jack to be resurrected.

Billie has provided Jack with a plan that will allow Jack to become strong enough to kill God himself. In "Galaxy Brain," Billie is revealed to have been unable to restore Jack's soul when she resurrected him, leaving Jack soulless again.

She ignores Jack's prayers, instead assigning a Reaper named Merle to watch over Jack and control him.

After Jack opens a rift to the Bad Place against her explicit instructions, Billie kills Merle and explains that God has been destroying all of the alternate universes and states that even God has a book detailing his ultimate fate in her library.

Billie states that Jack, Sam and Dean are in the book which God can't access without her permission, but refuses to explain further beyond Sam and Dean's destiny being to be the messengers of God's destruction.

In "Destiny's Child," Billie reveals that God is almost done destroying other universes and will soon turn his attention back to their world.

Billie assigns Jack another quest, this time one of a more spiritual nature than the first quest which was aimed at strengthening Jack's body.

Billie instructs the Winchesters, Jack and Castiel to find the Occultum, though she refuses to explain what it will do and doesn't know where to find it.

When Castiel later enters the Empty to talk to Ruby , the Occultum's last owner, its revealed that Billie and the Shadow are working together and as a result, it allowed Billie to resurrect Jack.

Billie has promised the entity that once everything is over, she will send it back to sleep, something that it desperately wants, surprising Castiel that Billie can do that.

However, while torturing Castiel, the Shadow comments that Billie never mentioned needing Castiel for her plan. Jack ultimately fulfills his quest, resulting in the Occultum restoring Jack's lost soul.

In "Gimme Shelter," Jack reveals that Billie's plan to kill both Chuck and Amara, which involves turning Jack into a bomb that will cause God and the Darkness to cease to exist, will kill him as well.

In "Drag Me Away From You ," Billie visits Dean and reveals that Chuck is done destroying alternate universes and will soon be back.

She has given Jack his final quest to get ready and according to the book, her role is now over until the end.

Billie insists that Dean tell Sam the truth and he assures her that he is ready to enact the plan even if he doesn't like it.

In "Unity," Dean and Jack follow Billie's instructions and track down Adam who reveals that Billie has kept him alive for , years as he has been coming up with a plan to kill God; Billie has simply been helping Adam enact his plan.

At the same time, Sam locates the Key to Death and enters Billie's library in search of her, only to find the Shadow who is also searching for Billie.

To Sam's shock, the Shadow reveals that Billie's true plan is to take power as the new God once God and Amara are dead at which point she will ensure that anyone who has been resurrected will die and that everyone from alternate universes will be returned to their own world which is essentially a death sentence since all of the other worlds are gone.

Chuck also admits to Amara that this is all part of his plan to get the Winchesters to kill each other, having goaded Billie along a bit. However, Sam talks Dean out of going through with the plan and an enraged God departs as Jack begins to detonate.

In "Despair," as the Winchesters and Castiel attempt to figure out how to help Jack, Billie appears in the bunker, enraged by their failure to kill Chuck and Amara.

Though she can't stop the detonation, Billie is able to teleport Jack to the Empty where he detonates instead, explaining that with God and Amara gone, only the Shadow can handle that kind of impact.

Billie then admits that its possible that Jack survived, pointing out that she only said it would be fatal, not that it would kill him and Castiel realizes that Chuck and Amara's death would've triggered a chain reaction.

The group confront Billie over her lies and using them which she admits to and demands Chuck's death book back in exchange for bringing Jack back from the Empty.

Sam reluctantly hands the book over, but Billie reads the new ending first which she finds to be interested. Billie brings Jack back, but tries to take him with her as he could still be useful.

Grabbing Death's Scythe, Dean slashes Billie in the shoulder, forcing her to flee without Jack, the book or the scythe.

After their friends start dying, Dean decides to hunt Billie down, believing her to be responsible. After a brief skirmish, Billie reveals that Chuck was responsible, not her.

Mortally wounded by Dean's earlier attack, Billie chases Castiel and Dean in order to kill Dean for good before she dies. Realizing that only the Shadow, who has a grudge against Billie, can stop her, Castiel experiences a moment of true happiness by expressing his love for Dean, thus fulfilling his deal with the Shadow.

The Shadow opens a portal to the Empty and sends two tendrils of darkness, one of which absorbs Billie, before both Billie and Castiel are dragged into the Empty.

Dumah is an angel portrayed by Erica Cerra who is one of the very few angels left alive by season 13 and appears to hold a position of power amongst the remaining few.

Dumah first appears in "War of the Worlds" as Castiel 's contact in Heaven who he meets with about the disappearance of Jack, Lucifer's Nephilim son.

Dumah assures Castiel that Jack is not in the angels custody and reveals that they want Jack because they see him as their only chance to make new angels.

Dumah tells Castiel that the angels are in danger of going extinct and are willing to go to any measures to survive, including enslaving Jack to make new angels.

Dumah brings in two other angels to ambush Castiel who fights back. The brief skirmish is interrupted by the surprise appearance of Lucifer who scares off Dumah and the other two angels.

In "Devil's Bargain," Lucifer and Anael meet with Dumah and several other angels outside of the Heavenly Portal. Lucifer promises that if the angels bow to him as their leader, he can restore their wings and make new angels for them, claiming to know how as he witnessed God making the angels in the first place.

Dumah and all of the angels later bow to Lucifer in Heaven's Throne Room. Dumah subsequently appears in "Bring 'em Back Alive" and is ordered by Lucifer to dispatch angels to find his son.

After a brief hesitation, she agrees. In "Funeralia," Castiel returns to a Heaven experiencing power fluctuations. He is finally met by Dumah and a few other angels and requests their help, telling them about the fact that Gabriel is still alive, the upcoming invasion by an alternate Michael, the trapped Jack and the danger of Lucifer.

As the power fluctuates around them, Dumah tells Castiel that they might be able to help each other, orders him to wait in the throne room and disappears for a while.

When she returns, Dumah tells Castiel that if he can find Gabriel and bring him back to Heaven, the angels can help him with everything else such as finding Michael and defending Earth.

When Castiel tells her that he can't find them which is why he needs her help, Dumah admits that that is a problem.

Castiel asks why Dumah can't just send a few angels to search for Gabriel before Naomi appears and tells him that Dumah won't help him because she and the angels can't.

Naomi subsequently explains that there are now less than a dozen angels left alive which includes Castiel, Naomi and Dumah.

The low number of angels is causing the power fluctuations in Heaven and if things don't change soon, the angels will burn out and Heaven will crumble.

As a result, Naomi and Heaven's remaining angels can't leave Heaven without risking it crumbling. In "Byzantium," Castiel finds that Heaven has been invaded by the Cosmic Entity in search of Jack's soul.

Castiel encounters an unconscious Dumah who wakes up and joins Castiel on his mission to find and resurrect Jack. After Castiel finds Jack, Dumah is revealed to be possessed by the Entity who uses her form to attack Castiel and make a deal with him.

When the Entity departs Heaven, it leaves Dumah's body, leaving her with apparently no memory of her possession.

In "Absence," Dumah appears when Castiel calls for Naomi after the death of Mary Winchester. Dumah will only tell him that Naomi is "indisposed," but confirms that Mary Winchester is dead and at peace in Heaven.

To prove it, Dumah allows Castiel into Heaven where he witnesses Mary at peace in a shared Heaven with John Winchester. In "Jack in the Box," Castiel returns to Heaven to seek Naomi's help in finding Jack.

Dumah reveals that she has overthrown Naomi, pointing out that the Entity invaded Heaven under Naomi's watch and nearly killed all of the angels.

Though Dumah promises to help, she locates Jack and begins manipulating him for her own ends, creating a reign of terror wherein humans are beaten into submission, Heaven is stripped of all mercy and Jack acts to solidify Dumah's own power.

Dumah defends her actions as being necessary to save Heaven, the angels and the world and states her intentions to guide Jack.

When Castiel moves to take Jack and leave, Dumah stops him and threatens to use her new power over Heaven to end John and Mary's peaceful shared Heaven together with just a snap of her fingers.

Enraged, Castiel instantly draws his angel blade and kills Dumah before she can react, leaving her body on the floor of Heaven as Castiel heads off after Jack.

In "Moriah," Jack recognizes that Dumah had been using him when talking with Castiel. Gabriel also referred to as the Trickster or Loki is an archangel portrayed by Richard Speight, Jr.

Having grown tired of watching his brothers fight each other in Heaven, he fled to Earth thousands of years prior to the series [ citation needed ] , assuming the role of a Pagan trickster.

For his first appearance in the second-season episode " Tall Tales ", the writers decided not to put their own spin on trickster lore— as is usually done with other villains— keeping the "deadly sense of humor" and decision to go after the "high and mighty to bring them down a notch", [4] with Gabriel causing several violent urban legends to come to life on a college campus and punish those residing there.

Sam and Dean Winchester investigate and eventually figure out his identity, though the Trickster is waiting for them and offers a peaceful resolution so long as they let him leave to terrorize another town.

Sam and Dean refuse, and attack him with the help of fellow hunter Bobby Singer, and the Trickster fakes his own death. The Trickster reappears in the season 3 episode " Mystery Spot ", trapping Sam in a time loop where Dean ends up dying in many different ways.

After over a hundred loops, Sam threatens the Trickster with a blood-covered stake, after which he agrees to break the loop.

But when Sam considers killing him regardless, the Trickster sends the two to the next day where Dean once again dies, but is unable to be resurrected due to there being no more time loop.

Months later, he calls Sam to him, where he tries to drive in a point: the two brothers continually sacrificing themselves for one another would bring no good, and when people die, their survivors just have to learn to accept it and live with it.

However the Trickster gives Sam what he wants, lamenting the whole situation had become boring months ago for him anyway.

In the season 5 episode " Changing Channels ", he lures the Winchesters to him with a case that makes it obvious he is involved.

He traps Sam and Dean in an endless thread of television shows where they must play out their roles to survive, while ignoring their attempts at having him in them in the apocalypse.

Gabriel also explains this was his way of getting them to consequently be willing to accept their roles as vessels for Lucifer and Michael respectively.

In one of the scenarios, he banishes Castiel and is livid at a response about the Archangels. He is later stabbed with a stake, a move that would kill regular trickster spirits, however, he continues to put them in the shows.

Dean and Sam trap him in a burning circle of holy oil, suspecting he is an angel because he survived the staking, how he and Castiel interacted, and his anger at the insults of the Archangels.

He then reveals that he is the archangel Gabriel, which doesn't surprise them. He explains he left Heaven because of the conflict of his family, he even expresses his desire for the Winchesters to say yes to becoming Michael's and Lucifer's vessels since their lives mirror that of the angels.

Dean forces him to bring Castiel back and frees Gabriel from his trap and accuses him of giving up because he's simply too afraid to stand up to his own family.

Gabriel returns in "Hammer of the Gods", attending the summit of pagan gods under the guise of Loki; however, he intends to rescue the brothers as their plan to lure Lucifer would easily fail, and Lucifer would slaughter them all.

As he intends to prevent Kali , an old flame, from suffering a bloody fate, he tries to get them out; but he tells them he cannot rescue the pagan's hostages as it would be too difficult.

However, later he is forced to comply; the rescue attempt results in the brothers' capture once again. Kali who is keeping the brothers from leaving as their spilled blood binds them to her reveals she, along with the other gods, knew of his identity for a while.

Kali takes his sword and stabs him with it apparently killing him, but Gabriel appears to Dean and reveals the sword was a fake and suggests Dean should seduce Kali so they can escape.

Lucifer shows up at the hotel, slaughtering most of the gods. Gabriel is then forced to step in, allowing Kali and the brothers to leave. Gabriel confronts his brother about loyalties and their past, but ultimately fails and is killed by his own blade.

He later reveals, through a modified porn movie, Lucifer can be recaptured in his previous prison, with the four rings of the Horsemen.

Gabriel returns in the season 9 episode "Meta Fiction" where he reveals to Castiel that he has been in Heaven since he 'died'.

However, when Heaven kicked all the angels out, Gabriel was forced to go on the run from Metatron. He tells Castiel that Metatron was using the Horn of Gabriel to trap and kill the angels and that he needs Castiel to help him fight.

When the two are running, they stop at a gas station where they realize that some of Metatron's loyal subjects were following them. Gabriel offers to fight them off because he still has some of his Archangel powers left but then Castiel realizes that the whole situation was an illusion.

Castiel then asks if Gabriel is really still alive, but all Gabriel does for an answer is raise his eyebrows before disappearing.

Metatron says later that Gabriel played out his part well. In "We Happy Few", God confirms that Gabriel is dead when they discuss how the four archangels were required to help God barely defeat the Darkness the first time.

God tells the Winchesters that while they have Lucifer fighting with them, Michael is in no shape to fight and Raphael and Gabriel are dead.

When Dean reminds God that he has resurrected Castiel before, God tells him that he can't resurrect the archangels so easily as they are beings of primordial creation.

As a result, it will take far too much time to resurrect Gabriel and Raphael to help fight the Darkness. In the season 13 "Devil's Bargain", the Prince of Hell Asmodeus reveals to Arthur Ketch that he has gotten his hands on an Archangel Blade, the only known weapon that can kill an archangel.

When Arthur reminds Asmodeus that the lore states that only an archangel can wield the blade, Asmodeus reveals that he has Gabriel, somehow still alive, as his prisoner.

Gabriel is now in a beaten and bloody state with his mouth sewn shut. In "The Thing", Arthur discovers that Asmodeus is injecting himself with Gabriel's grace to power up.

Following a brutal beating by Asmodeus, Arthur rescues Gabriel and steals the archangel blade and Asmodeus' store of Gabriel's grace.

Arthur brings the traumatized Gabriel to the Winchesters who are shocked to see the archangel whom they believed to be dead and learn of his captivity.

Using Gabriel's extracted grace, the Winchesters are able to complete a ritual to open a door into an alternate reality that Dean passes through, leaving Sam and Gabriel behind.

In "Bring 'em Back Alive", Sam and Castiel attempt to treat the traumatized Gabriel who cringes away from all attempts to help him and appears unable to speak, even with the stitches holding his mouth shut cut.

Gabriel eventually writes his story on the wall in Enochian, revealing that he actually faked his death during the Apocalypse by tricking Lucifer into stabbing another duplicate of himself.

Free of responsibility, Gabriel returned to a hedonistic lifestyle in Monte Carlo until he was captured and sold to Asmodeus. After a plea by Sam, Gabriel starts responding, but retreats into himself again after learning that Asmodeus knows where he is.

When Asmodeus invades the bunker, Gabriel is recaptured, but snaps out of his traumatized state when Asmodeus starts torturing Sam and Castiel.

Lucifer eventually got his own spin-off comic book series. But since then Neil Gaiman, who was behind the original incarnation, has got in touch with me.

He told me he really enjoyed the pilot, so that was nice—it was almost like one of the parents giving us their blessing. Most notably, Chloe Lauren German reads Gaiman's Coraline to her daughter Trixie Scarlett Estevez , and references Trixie conning her father into reading her "the book about the sneezing panda," which is a reference to Gaiman's book Chu's Day.

Before a single episode of Lucifer had ever even aired, the conservative group One Million Moms rallied to get the show canceled.

They garnered 11, signatures on a petition that objected to the series because they felt it would glamorize the devil.

When Lucifer was canceled after three seasons due to low ratings , fans fought back and kept the series alive with the social media hashtag SaveLucifer.

Fox sold the series to Netflix , which produced a fourth season with a penultimate episode titled "Save Lucifer. He was featured in National Treasure as the background FBI agent known as Agent Johnson.

In , Pellegrino appeared in the Academy Award winning film Capote , playing murderer Dick Hickock. Among his numerous cable and network television show roles, he portrayed terrorist bomber Bobby James on The Beast.

In March , Pellegrino was cast on the ABC series Lost for an appearance in the final episode of Season 5, to play the role of the mysterious Jacob.

Although the press release for the episode refers to his character simply as "Man No. On June 26, , it was also announced that Pellegrino was cast in a recurring role as Lucifer in the fifth season of the CW series Supernatural until he was returned to his prison, returning in the seventh season as a hallucination of protagonist Sam Winchester due to his mental damage after he spent a year in the Cage, until Sam was cured of his insanity.

Pellegrino reprised his role as Lucifer in season 11's O Brother Where Art Thou? He portrayed the vampire "Bishop" in the SyFy horror series Being Human in the first season, and also reprises the role in season 2 and 3 as both flashbacks and hallucinations.

In , Pellegrino joined the ABC thriller series Quantico playing the recurring role of FBI Deputy Director Clayton Haas.

Pellegrino also was featured as a voice actor in the hit game Far Cry 5 as Jacob Seed, one of the antagonists of the game, as his first role in a video game.

An Italian-American , Pellegrino was born in Los Angeles , California. He is an adherent of Objectivism , a philosophy created by Russian-American writer Ayn Rand.

Mark Pellegrino was born on April 9, in Los Angeles, California, USA as Mark Ross Pellegrino. He is an actor and producer, known for The Big Lebowski , National Treasure and The Number 23 He has been married to Tracy Pellegrino since October 30, They have two children.

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How Much Have You Seen? How much of Mark Pellegrino's work have you seen? User Polls Scariest "Supernatural" Villain?

Known For. He believes he is the greatest creation that God has ever made and for not acknowledging his perfection, he hates him for it. As far as his sexual prowess, Lucifer is confused when turned down, believing that no woman could resist his seductive charm.

The Devil in Lucifer is more conceited. The Lucifer in Lucifer isn't afraid to murder those he feels are guilty of the punishment.

In fact, he revels in the idea of torturing them for all eternity. However, it isn't in his nature to murder those who he deems innocent and in some cases, he appears quite broken inside upon hearing of the victim of a murder.

However, the Lucifer in Supernatural kills innocents left and right without even flinching. To him killing humans is the same as swatting flies, it is done without remorse.

The Lucifer in Supernatural is more of a murderer. The Lucifer in Supernatural seems to have come to terms with who he is and what he has done.

He doesn't question his actions nor does he ask for forgiveness for them. Nick learns that the man who killed his wife and child was possessed by a demon named Abraxas and after finding and interrogating said demon, it transpires that the order came from none other than Lucifer himself.

Indeed, Abraxas claimed that Lucifer picked Nick as a vessel more or less at random and had his family murdered so that Nick would be more accepting to the idea of possession.

While it's possible that Abraxas was lying that is what demons do, after all , it makes perfect sense that Lucifer would set up Nick's tragedy himself.

Aside from all the inherent evil and taste for death that presumably comes with being the devil, it was arguably always too much of a coincidence that Lucifer would come across such a suitable vessel during such a dark and vulnerable period in their life.

The reveal that Lucifer himself orchestrated this scenario makes Nick's possession far less coincidental and is also in keeping with everything viewers know about Lucifer's character.

Lucifer, also known as Satan and the Devil, is the central antagonist of the Supernatural franchise. He serves as the overarching antagonist of seasons 1 to 4 (due to controlling Lilith and the other villains), as the main antagonist of season 5, as the secondary antagonist of seasons 7 (as a hallucination and alongside the leviathan Edgar) and 11, as one of the two main antagonists in season. Mark Ross Pellegrino (born April 9, ) is an American actor of film and television. He is best known for his work as Lucifer in Supernatural, Paul Bennett in Dexter, Jacob in Lost, as Bishop in Being Human, and Deputy Bill Standall in 13 Reasons Why. Supernatural and Lucifer are both separately popular shows that have gained a significant fan base since premiering. People can’t seem to get enough of the paranormal and unnatural genre. And while it’s not often that a TV show references another one before its premiere, much less one that is on a different network and unrelated to the. Mark Pellegrino, Actor: The Big Lebowski. Mark Pellegrino was born on April 9, in Los Angeles, California, USA as Mark Ross Pellegrino. He is an actor and producer, known for The Big Lebowski (), National Treasure () and The Number 23 (). He has been married to Tracy Pellegrino since October 30, They have two children. Supernatural and Lucifer are both separately popular shows that have gained a significant fan base since premiering. People can’t seem to get enough of the paranormal and unnatural genre. And while it’s not often that a TV show references another one before its premiere, much less one that is on. Luzifer, auch bekannt als der Teufel oder Satan, war der zweite von Gott erschaffene Erzengel und. - barcka: “ Lucifer - '' I was a son. A brother, like you, a younger brother, and I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day I went to. Jun 13, - barcka: “ Lucifer - '' I was a son. A brother, like you, a younger brother, and I had an older brother who I loved. Idolized, in fact. And one day I went. Supernatural und Lucifer haben mehr gemeinsam als das biblische Setting. Nicht nur teilen sie sich den Teufel, Himmel und Hölle, auch. Castiel tells Dean that Lucifer is gone from him and he doesn't know where the fallen archangel has gone. Sam takes the photos with him before the compound is destroyed. A Murder of Crows. Before Mary can commit suicide, Billie is killed from behind by Castiel with an angel blade to the Winchesters' shock. Kirsten Kilburn 4. Nick Supernatural Lucifer the name and remembers that Lucifer knew him personally. Anael is an angel who is described as a low-level functionary portrayed by Danneel Acklesthe wife of Jensen Ackles Luke Cosgrove, who plays Dean Winchester. Held prisoner at the Needham Asylum alongside CastielLucifer bemoans his lack of power and repeatedly attempts to convince Castiel to give him Jürgen Vogel Wiki of his grace so that Lucifer can power up again. In season 15's "Proverbs ," Sam experiences a vision, part of a series of nightmares he has Alex Veadov having, featuring Lucifer possessing him and wearing a white suit Supernatural Lucifer Darkhouse Lucifer did in "The End. He ditches me Lucifer sees, but does not interfere. In season 14's "Stranger in a Strange Land," Lucifer's vessel Nick N.Tv.De revealed to have survived Lucifer's death. He raises himself up and begins walking down a nature trail, eventually stopping to admire a tree and the beauty of nature as Nithael catches up to him with his angel blade drawn. Filmography by Year by Job by Ratings by Votes by Genre by Keyword Personal Details Biography Other Works Publicity Listings Official Sites Contact Info IMDbPro Did You Know? After Donatello senses Amara coming, he, Sam, and Lucifer flee in the Impala while Metatron stays behind, ultimately sacrificing himself to buy them time to get away.
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